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    I hope that you are well and I’m also. Lab Tests Guide (especially, Answer & Explanation) is very important in now a days for Medical Laboratory scientist (Laboratory). I like to Lab Tests Guide page. So, I request to add the Question, Answer & Explanation-
    Question: which type of leukocyte cells is increase in parasitic infections?
    • Neutrophil.
    • Lymphocyte.
    • Eosinophil.
    • Monocyte.
    Answer & Explanation
    Eosinophilia is a central feature of the host response to helminth infection. Larval stages of parasitic worms are killed in vitro by eosinophils in the presence of specific antibodies or complement. These findings established host defense as the paradigm for eosinophil function.
    In summary, eosinophils serve as recognition cells of certain unique PAMPs, playing a vital role in innate defense against viral, parasitic and bacterial infection.

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