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Automated Chemistry Analyzers

Automated Chemistry Analysers offer automated solutions for high-sensitivity measurements in environmental samples in accordance with applicable regulations.

Automated Chemistry Analysers can also serve as medical laboratory instruments designed to measure different chemicals and other characteristics in a number of biological samples quickly, with minimal human assistance.

Automated Chemistry Analyzers

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Product ModelManufacturerTest pr HourView
AU480Beckman Coulter800 T/HDetail
AU680Beckman Coukter1200 T/HDetail
Flow Solution 3700OI Analytical90 T/HDetail
BioProfile FLEX AnalyzerNova Biomedical30 T/HDetail
Roche Hitachi 912Roche360 T/HDetail
Roche Hitachi 911Roche450 T/HDetail
Chemwell-TAwareness Technologies100 T/HDetail
RX ImolaRandox560 T/HDetail
Cobas E411Roche86 T/HDetail
Advia 1800Siemens1800 T/HDetail
AU640Olympus1200 T/HDetail
Olympus AU680beckman Coulter1200 T/HDetail
CLC 6410Carolina Chemistries960 T/HDetail
CLC 720Carolina Chemistries400 T/HDetail
Cobas 6000Roche1000 T/HDetail
BS 480Mindray400 T/HDetail
Dimension EXLSiements627 T/H Detail
EXL 200Siemens650 T/HDetail
Pentra 400Horiba420 T/HDetail
Dimension RXL MaxSiemens400 T/HDetail
Hitachi 704Roche700 T/HDetail
RX daytonaRandox450 T/HDetail
AU400Olympus400 T/HDetail
AerosetAbbot2000 T/HDetail
Cobas C111Roche100 T/HDetail

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