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Category: Test Procedures

Motility Test

Motility test can define as the analytical method, which examines whether the bacteria are motile or non-motile hrough biochemical and microscopic analysis. Tube test is a biochemical method giving macroscopic and cumulative results obtained by the reduction of the biological media (triphenyl tetrazolium chloride) by the positive or motile organisms. Slide test is a microscopic analysis of a microorganism that involves direct examination through hanging drop and wet mount slide test, based on the cell’s microscopic features. Purpose Motility test aims to check the cellular motility of […]

T-Spot Test Procedure

T-Spot Test Procedure

T-SPOT.TB is a type of interferon-gamma release assays (IGRA) used for latent and active tuberculosis diagnosis. Tuberculosis is highly contagious disease spreading through airborne particles containing Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test is used to confirm that woman is pregnant or not. Markers used in this test are found in urine and blood which highlights pregnancy, and pregnancy tests need one of these substances.

Blood Film


Examination of thin blood films is much valuable for the analysis and management of anaemia, infections, and other conditions which produce changes in the appearance of blood cells and differential white cell count.

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