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MCQs Chapter 2 (Nursing)

5000+ MCQs for Nursing Students and Nursing Interviews and Other Nursing Plateforms like NTS, HAAD, DHA, MOH, and other Exames.

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Nursing MCQs 2

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MCQs no 51 t- 100

  1. A fellow nurse who is working on another unit asks to read the chart of your assigned client. Which one of the following criteria would enable the nurse to have access to the chart?
    1. Be unrelated to the client.
    2. Have a current nursing license.
    3. Have client’s verbal permission.
    4. Be directly involved in client’s care.11
  2. When charting in the client’s record or chart, the nurse most needs to do which one of the following things?
    1. Date and sign each entry. 11
    2. Chart every two hours.
    3. Use ballpoint pen and not pencil.
    4. Cross out errors so others can’t read them.
  3. While giving a shift report on your assigned client, you realize that you forgot to record a nursing procedure done on your client. Which of the following methods of documentation would be best on your part?
    1. Write the procedure between the two lines of your shift documentation closest to the occurrence.
    2. Find a blank space in your earlier charting, and chart the procedure in that space.
    3. Tell the oncoming nurse to chart the procedure for you and to cite the time it was done.
    4. Chart the current date and time and “Late entry,” indicating when and what was done.11

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