Microbiology MCQ’s Chapter 53 (LAB)

Some of Common Microbiology MCQs for Laboratory Technicians, Technologists, DHA, HAAD, MLT, DMLT, MOH and Many other Exames

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Microbiology MCQs

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Questions 2601 to 2650

  1. The only virus, which has double stranded RNA, is_____?
    1. Bunya virus
    2. Reo virus
    3. Calci virus
    4. Rhabdo virus
  2. Which of the following correctly indicates the infectivity of hepatitis virus in human ?
    1. HBCAg
    2. HBeAg
    3. Anti-HBC
    4. Anti-HBS
  3. Which of the following represents the serologic evidence of recent Hepatitis B virus infection during window period ?
    1. HBs Ag
    2. IgM anti – HBc
    3. Anti HBs
    4. None of the above
  4. For the treatment of case of class III dog bite, all of the following are correct except______?
    1. Give immunoglobulins for passive immunity
    2. Give ARV
    3. Immediately stitch wound under antibiotic coverage
    4. Immediately wash wound with soap and water
  5. Which of the following is a RNA virus ?
    1. Measles virus
    2. Herpes Virus
    3. Papavo virus
    4. Adeno virus
  6. Following is a retrovirus_______?
    1. Immunodeficiency virus
    2. Influenza
    3. Polio virus
    4. Hepatitis virus
  7. Type of Human papilloma virus associated with carcinoma cervix_____?
    1. Type 6,12,18
    2. 16,18,31
    3. 6,8,11
    4. 3,10,19
  8. The viral action is differentiated from bacterial action by______?
    1. Interferon production
    2. Toxin production
    3. Lymphocytes production
    4. Neutrophils production
  9. What is the sequence which a retro virus follows on entering a host cell ?
    1. RNA -DNA-RNA
    2. RNA-DNA
    3. DNA-RNA
    4. DNA-RNA-DNA
  10. Which of the following viruses appears to be involved in the pathogenesis of Kaposi’s sarcoma_____?
    1. Human Herpes Virus 3
    2. Human Herpes Virus 1
    3. Human Herpes Virus 8
    4. Human Herpes Virus 4
  11. Seroconversion in HIV infection takes place in______?
    1. 2 weeks
    2. 4 weeks
    3. 9 weeks
    4. 12 weeks
  12. Babu, a 28 year old male comes with complaint of exposure 3 wks back, having cervical Lymphadenopathy, Hepatosplenomegaly. Diagnosis of HIV is done by______?
    1. ELISA
    2. Western blot
    3. P24 antigen
    4. Lymph node biopsy
  13. Anti HBsAB indicates_______?
    1. Resistance to hepatitis B
    2. Acute infection
    3. Good prognosis
    4. Hepatocellular carcinoma
  14. Presence of HBe Ag in Patients with hepatitis indicates_______?
    1. Simple carriers
    2. Late convalescence
    3. High infectivity
    4. Carrier status
  15. Which of the following does not go into chronic hepatitis stage ?
    1. HBV
    2. HCV
    3. HDV
    4. HEV
  16. Which of the following belongs to cell fraction derived vaccine______?
    1. Measles
    2. Mumps
    3. Rubella
    4. Hepatitis B
  17. Dengue virus belongs to______?
    1. Flavi virus
    2. Togaviridae
    3. Reoviridae
    4. Rhabdoviridae
  18. Which of the following statement about P24 antigen of HIV is Not True ?
    1. It can be detected during the window period
    2. Free P24 antigen disappears after the appearance of IgM response to it:
    3. Virus load parallel P24 titre
    4. It remains during asymptomatic phase
  19. Which of the following viruses are most likely to cross placenta and cause feudal defect ?
    1. Herpes Simplex
    2. Mumps
    3. Rubella
    4. Papilloma
  20. Which of the following viruses produces both intranuclear and intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies______?
    1. Chicken pox
    2. Rabies
    3. Small pox
    4. Measles
  21. Characteristic feature of retrovirus is____?
    1. Ribonuclease
    2. Reverse transcriptase
    3. DNA polymerase
    4. Restriction endonuclease
  22. Dengue Hemorrhagic fever is caused by______?
    1. Virus
    2. Bacteria
    3. Parasite
    4. Bacteria superadded on virus
  23. Interferon interferes with replication of virus at the time of_______?
    1. Protein synthesis
    2. DNA/RNA replication
    3. When virus enters the cell
    4. Uncoating of the virus proteins capsule
  24. Which of the following microbial cell is most resistant to antiseptics & disinfectants ?
    1. Mycobacteria
    2. Spore
    3. Prions
    4. Coccidia
  25. Which of the following lesions is NOT an infection from human papilloma virus ?
    1. Verruca vulgaris
    2. Focal epithelial hyperplasia
    3. Condyloma acuminatum
    4. Keratoacanthoma
  1. Prions true is_____?
    1. Readily inactivated by autoclave at 121 C
    2. Evokes strong immunogenic reaction
    3. Sensitive to most chemical sterilization
    4. Contains DNA/ RNA
  2. A young pregnant woman presents with fulminant hepatic failure. The most likely etiological agent is______?
    1. Hepatitis B virus
    2. Hepatitis C virus
    3. Hepatitis E virus
    4. Hepatitis A virus
  3. Salivary protein, which prevents transmission of human immunodeficiency virus via saliva, is_____?
    1. Sialoperoxidase
    2. Secretory IgA
    3. Salivary leukocyte proteinase inhibitor
    4. Histidine rich proteins
  4. A dentist suffred from Hepatitis B infection 3 months back. His laboratory tests are normal but he is not allowed by the medical board to do surgical practice. He is______?
    1. Inactive carrier
    2. Healthy carrier
    3. Convalscent carrier
    4. Paradoxical carrier
  5. Virus is cultured in_______?
    1. Saubourd’s agar
    2. Rogosa medium
    3. Nonembryonated egg
    4. Embryonated egg
  6. Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) usually occurs when CD4 Lymphocyte counts are______?
    1. Above 600
    2. Between 1000-2000
    3. Below 200
    4. Above 2000
  7. Mark true in following ?
    1. Hanta virus pulmonary syndrome is caused by inhalation of rodent urine and faces
    2. Kyanasur forest disease is caused by bite of wild animal
    3. Lyssa virus is transmitted by ticks
    4. None of the above
  8. The world German measles is applied for_____?
    1. Rubella
    2. Rubeola
    3. Herpes simplex
    4. Herpetic ginglvostomatitis
  9. Hepatitis A virus is best diagnosed by_______?
    1. IgM antibodies in serum
    2. Isolation form stool
    3. Culture from blood
    4. Isolation from bile
  10. Which of the following is not a pox virus ?
    1. Cowpox
    2. Molluscum contagiosum
    3. Small pox
    4. chicken pox
  11. Serological study for prevalence of Hepatitis B is best done by_____?
    1. Surface antigen
    2. Surface antibody
    3. Core antigen
    4. Core antibody
  12. ELISA test when compared to western blot technique is______?
    1. Less sensitive less specific
    2. More sensitive, more specific
    3. Less sensitive, more specific
    4. More sensitive, less specific
  13. The virus which causes Aplastic anemia in chronic hemolytic disease is______?
    1. Adeno
    2. Hepatitis
    3. EB virus
    4. Parvo virus
  14. In HIV, gp 120, envelope glycoproteins bind specifically to____?
    1. CD8 T-cells
    2. CD4 T-cells
    3. B – cells
    4. NK – cells
  15. The small nonparticulate protein leading to enhanced replication of HBV as well as HIV is______?
    1. HBc Ag
    2. HBs Ag
    3. Hbe Ag
    4. HBx Ag
  16. Patients with organ transplants are most frequently infected with______?
    1. Hepatitis A
    2. Hepatitis B
    3. CMV
    4. EBV
  17. EBV is responsible for all except_____?
    1. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
    2. Burkitt’s lymphoma
    3. Hepatoma
    4. Infectious mononucleosis
  18. Most common tumor associated with AIDS is________?
    1. Carcinoma
    2. Kaposi’s sarcoma
    3. Melanoma
    4. Ewing’s sarcoma
  19. The overall effect of HIV is to gradually impair the immune system by interference with_____?
    1. Helper T lymphocytes
    2. Natural killer cells
    3. Plasma cells
    4. Macrophages
  20. Hepatitis C virus belongs to which one of the following virus groups ?
    1. Picorna viruses
    2. Herpes viruses
    3. Hepadana viruses
    4. Flavi viruses
  21. Viruses can be isolated from clinical samples by cultivation in the following except_______?
    1. Tissue culture
    2. Embryonated eggs
    3. Animals
    4. Chemically defined media
  22. During the Window period of patient with AIDS_______?
    1. ELISA IS – ve
    2. Western Blot is – ve
    3. Both are – ve
    4. PCR is – ve
  23. Plaque test is used routinely in virology lab’s for______?
    1. Identification of viral disease
    2. To separate specific clone of virus
    3. To maintain certain viral culture
    4. To prepare vaccines
  24. All are oncogenic except_______?
    1. Anopheles
    2. Aedes
    3. Culex
    4. Mansoni
  25. DNA covering material in a virus is called as_____?
    1. Capsomere
    2. Capsid
    3. Nucleocapsid
    4. Envelope


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