Microbiology MCQ’s Chapter 55 (LAB)

Some of Common Microbiology MCQs for Laboratory Technicians, Technologists, DHA, HAAD, MLT, DMLT, MOH and Many other Exames

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Microbiology MCQs

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Questions 2701 to 2750

  1. Probiotic organism used______?
    1. E coli
    2. Bifido bacteria
    3. Staphylococcus
    4. Salmonella
  2. Sleeping sickness is caused by______?
    1. House fly
    2. Sand fly
    3. Tick
    4. Reduvid bug
  3. Injection abscesses due to use of contaminated vaccines occurs in infections caused by______?
    1. M. Kansasii
    2. M. ulcerans
    3. M. chelonae
    4. M. smegmatis
  4. Donovanosis, true is______?
    1. Caused by Calymmatobacterium granulomatis
    2. Lymphadenopathy is remarkable & diagnostic
    3. Penicillin is drug of choice
    4. Characterized by painful genital ulcers
  5. CD4 count in normal healthy adult is______?
    1. 500
    2. 200
    3. 1000
    4. 300
  6. A cerebrospinal fluid of a 2 years old child has been sent to the laboratory to detect the presence of capsulated yeast. The staining technique most commonly employed for the purpose is_____?
    1. India ink preparation
    2. Methanamine silver stain
    3. Ziehl-Neelsen stain
    4. Pyte-ferraco stain
  7. Most fungi of medical importance belongs to_____?
    1. Zygomycetes
    2. Ascomycetes
    3. Basidiomycetes
    4. Deuteromycetes
  8. A mother donated a kidney to her daughter having chronic renal failure, which kind of graft it represents_______?
    1. Allo
    2. ISO
    3. Xeno
    4. Auto
  9. Which of the following is most potent antigen for stimulating both humoral and cell mediated immunity ?
    1. Adjuvant
    2. Proteins
    3. Polysaccharides
    4. Lipids
  10. In falciparum malaria, causes of anemia are due to all except______?
    1. Hemolysis
    2. Malabsorption
    3. Spleen sequestration
    4. Bone marrow depression
  11. Which of the following is not transmitted by lice ?
    1. Trench fever
    2. Relapsing fever
    3. Q fever
    4. Epidemic typhus
  12. Which stage of plasmodium vivax is infective to mosquito_______?
    1. Sporozoite
    2. Gametocyte
    3. Merozoite
    4. Zygote
  13. Schuffner’s dots are seen in infection due to_____?
    1. Plasmodium falciparum
    2. Plasmodium vivax
    3. Plasmodium malariae
    4. Plasmodium ovale
  14. Man is the only reservoir for_______?
    1. Salmonella
    2. Camphylobacter jejuni
    3. histolytica
    4. Y. enterocolitica
  15. A 30 years old patient developed high fever of sudden onset. Peripheral blood smear showed cresent shaped gametocytes. Malaria pigment was dark brown in colour Which of the following malarial parasites is the causative agent ?
    1. Plasmodium vivax
    2. Plasmodium malaria
    3. Plasmodium falciparum
    4. Plasmodium ovale
  16. Commonest site of extra intestinal amoebiasis is________?
    1. Brain
    2. Liver
    3. Spleen
    4. Lungs
  17. Delhi boil refer to________?
    1. Solar Keratosis
    2. Malignant pustule
    3. L. Tropica sore
    4. Venereal ulcer
  18. Madura mycosis produces_____?
    1. Brown to black granules
    2. White to yellow granules
    3. Red granules
    4. No granules
  19. Sclerotic bodies measuring 3-5m in size, multi-septate, chestnut, brown color is characteristic of______?
    1. Histoplasmosis
    2. Rhinosporodiosis
    3. Phaeohypomycosis
    4. Chromoblastomycosis
  20. Methods for the diagnosis of superficial fungal infection______?
    1. Microscopic examination of skin scrapings
    2. KOH staining
    3. Wood light examination
    4. All of the above
  21. The following statement is true regarding fungal infection______?
    1. Dermatophyte infection are exclusively man to animal
    2. Rhinosporidium causes deep infection in man
    3. albicans is not pathogenic to lab animals
    4. Candida infection is usually endogenous
  22. Common name for Trichuris trichura_______?
    1. Round worm
    2. Whip worm
    3. Tape worm
    4. Seat woman
  23. Rapid evaluation of fungal hyphae/spores can be achieved with_______?
    1. Grocott Gomori Methenamine silver
    2. Hematoxylin and Eosin
    3. KOH wet mount
    4. Peri-iodic Acid Schiff
  24. Leishmania is cultured in __ media ?
    1. Chocolate agar
    2. NNN
    3. Tellurite
    4. Sabourauds
  25. Which is false about Wucheraria bancrofti_______?
    1. Causes filariasis
    2. Body is slender and long
    3. Terminal nuclei absent
    4. Man and anapheles mosquito are hosts
  1. Kolmer test is a screening test done for______?
    1. Syphilis
    2. Tuberculosis
    3. Gonorrhea
    4. Lymphoma
  2. Cysticercosis celluosae is caused by______?
    1. T. Solium
    2. Echinococcus granulosus
    3. T. Saginata
    4. nana
  3. Malaria pigment is______?
    1. Bilurubin
    2. Haemoglobin
    3. Iron
    4. Haematin-globin pigment
  4. In transmission of malaria, mosquito bite transfers_____?
    1. Sporozoite
    2. Merozoite
    3. Hypnozoite
    4. Gametocyte
  5. Amoebic liver abscess can be diagnosed by demonstratig______?
    1. Cysts in the sterile pus
    2. Trophozoites in the pus
    3. Cysts in the intestine
    4. Trophozoites in the feces
  6. Parasitic inflammation would show predominantly______?
    1. Lymphocytes
    2. Neutrophilis
    3. Eosinophils
    4. Basophils
  7. Megaloblastic anemia is caused by____?
    1. Dog tapeworm
    2. Hookworm
    3. Fish tapeworm
    4. Threadworm
  8. L.D bodies are seen in______?
    1. Kalahazar
    2. Toxoplasmosis
    3. Malaria
    4. Sleeping sickness
  9. Hydatid cyst is_____?
    1. Parasitic in nature
    2. Fungal
    3. Congenital
    4. Viral
  10. Candida albicans causes all of the following except______?
    1. Endocarditis
    2. Mycetoma
    3. Meningitis
    4. Oral thrush
  11. Candida is most often implicated in causation______?
    1. Conjunctivitis
    2. Tenea capitis
    3. Desert rheumatism
    4. Thrush
  12. Pseudohphae are seen in_____?
    1. Alternaria
    2. Aspergillus
    3. Osporium
    4. Candida albicans
  13. A sporangium contains_____?
    1. Spherules
    2. porangiospores
    3. Chlamydospores
    4. Oidia
  14. Aflatoxins are produced by_______?
    1. Aspergillus Niger
    2. Aspergillus fumigatus
    3. Aspergillus flavus
    4. All of the above
  15. Germ tubes are formed mainly by____?
    1. Candida albicans
    2. Candida stellatoidea
    3. Candida tropicalis
    4. Candida pseudotropicalls
  16. Fungal infection of human beings is called as______?
    1. Mucorsis
    2. Mycosis
    3. Fungosis
    4. Micromia
  17. Which of the following is true about amoebic liver disease ?
    1. Left lobe of liver is commonly involved
    2. Portal system is the main filtration system
    3. Trophozoites can be visualized in the pus
    4. Non-suppurative form is the serious form of extra intestinal amoebiasis
  18. Which of the following is NOT a live attenuated vaccine?
    1. Tuberculosis (BCG)
    2. Typhoid
    3. Varicella Zoster virus
    4. Cholera
  19. Out of the following hypersensitivity reactions, in which type a single dose of the antigen can act as both the sensitizing and shocking dose______?
    1. Anaphylaxis
    2. Arthus reaction
    3. Serum sickness
    4. Contact dermatitis
  20. Anaphylaxis refers to the____?
    1. Severe reaction following the injection of protein solution in a sensitized individual
    2. Severe reaction following primary injection of Protein solutions
    3. State of immunity developed by repeated injections of any foreign substance
    4. Severe reaction resulting from sensitivity to common allergens
  21. Which of the following is not used as disinfectant______?
    1. 1-2% cetrimide
    2. 100% alcohol
    3. 2% Lysol
    4. 5% chloroxylene
  22. Components of innate immunity that are active against viral cells includes_____?
    1. NK Cells
    2. Cytotoxic T cells
    3. B cells
    4. Memory B cells
  23. Chemotactic cytokine is______?
    1. IL-1
    2. IL-6
    3. IL-8
    4. TNF
  24. Antibiotic sensitivity and resistance of micro organisms is determined by_____?
    1. Direct microscopy
    2. Culture
    3. ELISA
    4. DNA probe
  25. The cell wall deficient bacteria______?
    1. Rickettsiae
    2. Mycoplasma
    3. Chlamydiae
    4. Ehrlichiae


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