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Tag: Haemoglobin Test Procedure

HB Test Procedures

The role of technology in hemoglobin testing has opened the way for the creation of innovative devices and techniques for the quantification of hemoglobin concentration in patients. The use of an automated hemoglobin analyzer, for example, has allowed fast, accurate and reliable results in the field of hematology. A hemoglobin test can be based on different techniques, including reagent-based and “reagent-free” methods, or a variety of non-invasive methods. Hemoglobincyanide method (HiCN) Using the principle of […]

HiCN Test Method

HiCN Test method : Principle of test Whole blood is diluted 1 in 201 in a modified Drabkin’s solution which contains potassium ferricyanide and potassium cyanide. The red cells are haemolyzed and the haemoglobin is oxidized by the ferricyanide to methaemoglobin. This is converted by the cyanide to stable haemiglobincyanide (HiCN). Absorbance of the HiCN solution is read in a spectrophotometer at wavelength 540 nm or in a filter colorimeter using a yellow-green filter. The […]

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